Perflex Biosens 1000 grams

Perflex Biosens 1000 grams
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Perflex Biosens - the latest development Perflex ltd, in the field of removable dental prosthetics.

Perflex thermoplastic material Biosens is a new, completely biocompatible material with a moderate degree of flexibility. It is designed for all kinds of removable dentures, it is processed and polished as easily as acrylic thermoplastic and at the same time, not inferior in its properties to other materials.
The material in granular form, weight 1 kg.
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Product Code: 411001
Brand: Perflex
Color light pink, pink, purle pink, clear, purple pink, purple pink light
Pack Bulk material
Ref 411001, 411003, 411005, 411007, 411009, 411013, 411011, 411015
Transparency Transparent/opaque
Weight 1000 g
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