Polyglactin 910 USP 5/0 EP 1 L-75cm HRT-13 purple

Polyglactin 910 USP 5/0 EP 1 L-75cm HRT-13 purple
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Surgical suture material - is a thread used to connect tissues to form a scar, or epithelialization. Gas sterilization method (ethylene oxide) is used, which does not affect the strength of the thread. The suture material is guaranteed to be sterile, the safety of sterility in the package is 3-5 years.
Thread"Medha-910" in living tissues undergo strictly controlled hydrolytic decomposition. Tissue reaction to the thread "Medpa" minor. Threads are very strong and after 14-18 days (critical period of wound healing) retain 70-75% of strength properties, 21 days retain 40-50%, 30 days retain 20-25%. After 60-70 days they completely dissolve.
To reduce capillarity and wickedness, reduce the sawing effect when carried through the tissue, as well as to improve the reliability of the surgical site, a film coating of a resorbable polymer is applied to the thread. 
Needle tapercut, oval cross-section, a length of 13 cm.
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Product Code: HRT135075
Brand: ADIN
Analogs Vicril Ethicon
Code needle HRT
Curvature needle 1/2
Diameter, mm 0.1 mm - 0.149 mm
EP diameter 1
Form needle Tapered, oval section
Lenght 75 cm
Lenght needle 13 mm
Type Poly
USP diameter 5/0
Color Purple
Ref HRT135075
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