Polyglactin 910 USP 4/0 EP 1.5 L-75cm HR-17 purple

Polyglactin 910 USP 4/0 EP 1.5 L-75cm HR-17 purple
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Atraumatic suture material

Polyglactin 910 purple USP 4/0 EP 1.5 L-75cm HR-17. The thread based on Polyglactin-910 is a synthetic absorbable surgical material based on Polyglactin-910. To reduce capillarity and wickedness, reduce the "sawing" effect when carried out through the tissue, as well as to improve the reliability of the surgical site, a film coating of a resorbable polymer is applied to the thread.
Analogues: 910 Vicryl, POLYSORB, SURGICRYL 910, Dixon, Safil, Polikol
Suture material Polyglactin 910 dissolves during hydrolysis, causing minimal initial inflammatory response in the tissues, followed by the formation of a connective tissue capsule. Resorption begins with a loss of tensile strength, followed by a loss of mass. All the original tensile strength is lost after 4-5 weeks after implantation. Term of containment of tissues 21 days. Complete resorption usually occurs after 50-80 days. Resorption period: 1st week-90% residual strength; 2nd week-65%; 3rd week – 50%.
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Product Code: HR174075
Brand: ADIN
Analogs Vicril Ethicon
Code needle HR
Curvature needle 1/2
Diameter, mm 0.15 mm - 0.199 mm
EP diameter 1.5
Form needle Piercing, an oval cross-section
Lenght 75 cm
Lenght needle 17 mm
Type Poly
USP diameter 4/0
Color Purple
Ref HR174075
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