Transplant material Cerabone Plus ® 1 ml

Transplant material Cerabone Plus ® 1 ml
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The bone material Cerabone Plus® 1 ml from Botiss biomaterials

Cerabone plus® is a new modification of the well-known Cerabone transplant material, which has proven itself well over a decade and a half of use, but a sodium hyaluronate biopolymer has been added to it. As a result, in addition to the usual volume stability, the material acquires a new viscosity property, which provides additional comfort in operation. 
Due to the pronounced ability of hyaluronate to bind liquid, Cerabone plus® forms a sticky bone material during hydration, which provides unique comfort during use, allowing easy integration into the recipient area. The most advanced biotechnological fermentation processes are used for the production of recombinant sodium hyaluronate. Cerabone plus® plastic mass provides the clinician with an effective means to enlarge the defect, saving time of application, as well as easy contouring of the defect. At the same time, the displacement of single particles decreases.
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Product Code: Cerabone 1 ml
Brand: Botiss biomaterials
Appointment Bone regeneration
Country of origin Germany
Ref 1811, 1821
The particle size 0.5-1.0 mm, 1.0-2.0 mm
Volume 1 ml
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