Regenerative material Maxresorb cylinder

Regenerative material Maxresorb cylinder
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Regenerative material Maxresorb cylinderl, Botiss biomaterials

Material Maxresorb in the form of a cylinder with a height of 15 mm.
Maxresorb® is an innovative, safe, reliable and fully synthetic bone graft substitute, very easy to use and having improved resorbability.

Basic properties Maxresorb®:

Synthetic, resorbable and safe material;
Maintains volume and mechanical stability;
Safe, reliable and sterile product;
Macropores 200-800 μm;
Composition: 60% hydroxyapatite and 40% beta-tricalcium phosphate;
High porosity;
The micro pores of 1-10 microns.
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Product Code: 20300
Brand: Botiss biomaterials
Appointment Bone regeneration
Country of origin Germany
Diameter 6 mm, 7.5 mm
Height 15 mm
Ref 20300, 20301
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