Maxresorb® block

Maxresorb® block
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Material Maxresorb® to regenerate bone tissue in the form of a block.

Available sizes: 2x1x1 cm and 2x2x1 cm.
Material Maxresorb® is no less effective than transplantati derived from bovine bone. It is easy to handle and has improved resorbability, maintains volume and mechanical stability. High macroporosity Maxresorb® is an ideal prerequisite for faster growth of osteogenic cells and optimally promotes the regeneration of bone tissue. The high microporosity and rough surface granules Maxresorb® improves the diffusion of biological fluids.
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Product Code: 21221
Brand: Botiss biomaterials
Appointment Bone regeneration
Country of origin Germany
Ref 21221
Sizes 2x2x1 cm
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