Maxresorb® inject 1 ml

Maxresorb® inject 1 ml
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Pasta Maxresorb® inject a volume of 1 ml, Botiss biomaterials

Maxresorb® inject promotes the formation of new bone, maintains volume and mechanical stability and is gradually replaced with new bone. The viscosity of the paste Maxresorb® inject ensures a strong bond with the bone over the entire surface of the defect, as well as a handy modeling and shaping. Maxresorb® inject is a synthetic neocoregames paste.
Maxresorb® inject is a unique high-tech pasty material for injection, with improved controlled resorption properties. Unique homogenous composition of gel, active hydroxyapatite and granules (60% HA / 40% beta-TCP) is activated in four phases. 1 syringe of 1 ml.
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Product Code: 22010
Brand: Botiss biomaterials
Appointment Bone regeneration
Country of origin Germany
Ref 22010
Volume 1 ml
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