Oral irrigator Waterpik WP-100 Ultra E2

Oral irrigator Waterpik WP-100 Ultra E2
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Oral irrigator Waterpik WP-100 Ultra E2 benefits

Irrigator a very effective and very quiet. Exclusive tips for the Waterpik wp100 was developed taking into account all human needs in the field of cleaning teeth. Irrigator Waterpik 100 ultra is one of the most popular models of the Waterpik in the USA and Europe. The effect of improvement of the teeth and gums will be noticeable after only 14 days of using the Waterpik wp100. This is due to the really effective removal of bacteria, plaque and food debris from tooth surfaces and from the most remote locations. While cleaning, there is a soft massage of the gums and improve blood circulation in them. Gums stop bleeding, become healthy and strong. Thus, the Waterpik wp100 plays an important role in the prevention of periodontitis.
Model series Waterpik WP-100 Ultra E2 was the result of a series of upgrades, clinical studies and tests. The results of all the tests, the device demonstrated a superior level of work and high efficiency, what was the reason that this device is recommended the majority of dentists.
The main field of use of the Waterpik WP 100 Waterpik Ultra E2 — provision of oral hygiene (removal of plaque and pieces of food, soft massage of the gums). In addition, this model is perfectly suitable for removing plaque from the tongue, gums, cleaning braces, maintain in good condition implants, crowns, bridges, etc.
Used in technology Waterpik pulsating water jet, according to clinical studies copes with the cleaning task, does not injure the teeth, gums, and also has the additional effect of cleansing.

The Waterpik package contents Waterpik WP-100 Ultra E2:

  • Main unit
  • he standard nozzle - 2 PCs
  • Attachment for tongue cleaning - 1 PC.
  • Nozzle cleaning deep gum pockets - 1 PC.
  • Orthodontic tip for cleaning braces - 1 PC.
  • Nozzle-brush for orthopedic works - 1 PC.
  • Nozzle for cleaning implants - 1 PC.


Product Code: WaterpikWP100E2Ultra
Brand: Waterpik
Accesories 7
Country USA
Presure 70-620 kPa
Voltage 220 V
Volume 650 ml
Warantly 24 mounth


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