Oral irrigator Waterpik WP-70 E2 Classic

Oral irrigator Waterpik WP-70 E2 Classic
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Waterpik WP-70 E2 Classic family oral irrigator

This is one of the best models of the classical family irrigators budget price category.
Waterpik the Waterpik WP-70 is one of the most modern devices, which provide complete care for the oral cavity. The effectiveness of using oral irrigator Waterpik wp 70 E proven by dental professionals. Irrigator perfectly cope with the removal of plaque from tooth enamel and bits of food from interdental spaces. Using this model, the irrigator You will be able to care for braces, implants, bridges and dentures. Irrigator penetrates easily where lacking a conventional toothbrush, because it uses a technology called pulsating water jets.
The result of the use of such a device is a high positive effect with a pronounced improvement of the oral cavity. In addition, such a device will not only help to reduce time and effort on hygiene care, but also ensure a high professional level at home.

Oral irrigator Waterpik wp-70 is:

  • Compact budget model, adapted to the possibilities of using all members of the family, including children;
  • Effective device for a range of preventive measures aimed at prevention of diseases of the oral cavity: caries, periodontitis and gingivitis;
  • Micromassage that improve blood circulation and improve metabolism.

The advantages of the irrigator Waterpik WP-70:

  • Suitable for any family member regardless of age (you can use both children and adults)
  • Effective means to prevent dental problems, especially gingivitis;
  • Suitable for massage of the gums, increases blood circulation, which can greatly reduce the chance of inflammation;
  • Allows you to effectively clean away food debris and plaque those places which is quite difficult to get using a normal brush.


Product Code: Waterpik WP-70 E2 Classic
Brand: Waterpik
Accesories 4
Country USA
Presure 35-550 kPa
Voltage 220 volt
Volume 1 l
Warantly 2 year


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