Abutment TiDesign 3.5/4.0 Astra Tech d=4.5 mm

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Abutment TiDesign 3.5/4.0 Astra Tech d=4.5 mm
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Abutment TiDesign 3.5/4.0 d=4.5 mm Astra Tech

The abutment is prepared for quick and easy installation. Abutments TiDesign are digitally coded for easy determination of diameter and height. Made of high quality titanium, diameter 4.5 mm Abutments TiDesign made of titanium and have excellent biocompatibility. The height of the abutment 1.5 mm and 3 mm.
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Product Code: TiDesign 3.5/4.0 d=4.5
Form Direct
Diameter 4.5 mm
Height 1.5 mm, 3 mm
Height margin 2.5 mm, 4 mm
Lenght 9 mm, 10 mm
Material Titanium
Ref 24285, 24286
Fixation Cement
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