The Implant OsseoSpeed™ 4.5

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The Implant OsseoSpeed™ 4.5
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The Implant OsseoSpeed™ 4.5

OsseoSpeed suitable for all groups of patients for whom the planned implantation, and meet all the indications approved by the FDA. OsseoSpeed implants are the choice for installation in low density bone where implants with other surface would be less effective. Three - and five-year clinical studies OsseoSpeed confirmed outstanding results.

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Product Code: OsseoSpeed 4.5
Connection Hexagon
Country manufacturer Sweden
Diameter 4 mm
Length 9 mm - 15 mm
Ref 24951, 24952, 24953, 24954, 24955
Surface OsseoSpeed
Old ref 24631, 24632, 24633, 24634, 24635
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