The Implant OsseoSpeed™ 4.0S

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The Implant OsseoSpeed™ 4.0S
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The Implant OsseoSpeed™ 4.0 S

OsseoSpeed™ is the first and only implant in the world with a chemically modified titanium surface, which stimulates early bone healing and speeds up the healing process of the bone. The result mikroheranhvatho titanium surfaces treated by fluoride is increased bone formation and a more durable connection of the bone with the implant.
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Product Code: OsseoSpeed 4.0S
Connection Hexagon
Country manufacturer Sweden
Diameter 4 mm
Length 6 mm - 17 mm
Ref 24939, 24940, 24941, 24942, 24943, 24944, 24945
Surface OsseoSpeed
Old ref 24619, 24620, 24621, 24622, 24623, 24624, 24625
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