The implant OsseoSpeed™ 3.0S

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 The implant OsseoSpeed™ 3.0S
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The Implant OsseoSpeed™ 3.0 S

The narrowest implant in the range of implant systems Astra Tech Implant System™
OsseoSpeed™ 3.0 S has a diameter of 3.0 mm and the same characteristics as a normal implant
OsseoSpeed™. The implant OsseoSpeed™ 3.0 S designed for various surgical
methods and protocols load when replacing lateral incisors of the upper jaw, and
lateral and Central incisors of the lower jaw.
Published data show that treatment with implants OsseoSpeed™
3.0 S is a reliable and predictable in localization with limited physical
space in the anterior parts of the jaws.
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Product Code: OsseoSpeed 3.0S
Connection Hexagon
Country manufacturer Sweden
Diameter 3 mm
Length 11 mm - 15 mm
Ref 24982, 24983, 24984
Surface OsseoSpeed
Old ref 24882, 24883, 24884
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