The healing cap 45' diameter 5.5 mm

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The healing cap 45' diameter 5.5 mm
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Protective caps are designed to achieve the best aesthetic results, protect abutments and regulate the contours of soft tissues at the stage of healing.
The protective cap is installed in a standard abutment, fixed and tightened by hand, with a slight movement with a hex screwdriver, or with a torque wrench. The recommended torque is 10 NCM.

Features of Astra Tech caps:

- Different sizes for maximum results;
- Friction fixation of hexagon;
- A matching element is provided for correct positioning;
- Confirmed biocompatibility.
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Product Code: 24160-24161
Angle 45
Suitable for For standard 45°abutments
Diameter 5.5 mm
Height 3.8 mm, 5.8 mm
Material Titanium alloy
Ref 24160, 24161
Fixation Screw
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