Healing abutment 4.5/5.0 diameter 5.5 mm

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Healing abutment 4.5/5.0 diameter 5.5 mm
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Healing abutment 4.5/5.0 diameter 5.5 mm Astra Tech (Astra Tech, Sweden

Healing abutment is required to create the gingival cuff, which later will be tight and aesthetically pleasing cover to put on the implant crown. In most cases, the abutment is installed after implant integration, i.e. after 3-6 months from implantation. Is excision of the gums over the implant, ear plug is removed and the implant is screwed to the abutment, the edge of which extends above the gingival surface. In some situations, the abutment can be installed immediately after implantation.
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Product Code: Фор-ль 4.5/5.0 d=5.5
Type Temporary
Diameter 5.5 mm
Height 2 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm
Ref 24582, 24583, 24584
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