Healing abutment 3.5/4.0 d=4.5 mm Astra Tech

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Healing abutment 3.5/4.0 d=4.5 mm Astra Tech
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Healing abutment 3.5/4.0 diameter 4.5 mm Astra Tech

Healing abutment - cylindrical screw made of titanium alloy. The size of the head of the shaper, its diameter and height, depends on the location of the future location of the implant and its parameters, the thickness of the soft tissue, the anatomical features of the dental arch.
The abutment is a one-piece component, designed to be optimal aesthetic results. The abutment is used for forming the contour of the soft tissue during the stage of healing and can be used for one-stage and two-stage surgical procedure.
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Product Code: Формирователь десны 3.5/4.0 d=4.5 мм
Type Temporary
Diameter 4.5 mm
Height 4 mm, 6 mm
Ref 24575, 24576
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