Healing abutment 3.5/4.0 diameter 6.5 mm

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Healing abutment 3.5/4.0 diameter 6.5 mm
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Healing abutment 3.5/4.0 diameter 6.5 mm Astra Tech

The abutment is the component that is required for proper contouring of the gums. Installing formers represents the stage of implantation, which largely depend on the results of all aesthetic procedures implantation.
Installation of abutment may be performed either simultaneously with the implantation of the implant, or three to six months after implantation of an artificial root (in cases where the patient was assigned a two-stage operation).
The Builder lets the gums, localized around an artificial root, to take a natural shape and ensures a good aesthetic result.
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Product Code: Фор-ль 3.5/4.0 d=6.5
Type Temporary
Diameter 6.5 mm
Height 4 mm, 6 mm
Ref 24580, 24581
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