The implant Touareg-S 6 mm

The implant Touareg-S 6 mm
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The implant Touareg-S (ADIN)

Touareg-S spiral implant with a double thread, with a standard hexagon socket screw,S. L. A. surface. Diameter of 6 mm.
The implant Touareg-S - self-tapping element with a double thread conical shape. Thread pitch varies along the length of the implant and the neck has microcalc.
Applied, usually with a closed sinus lift. Features of the shape of the head of the implant allow for implantation without bone injury.
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Product Code: ISP-S 60
Brand: ADIN
Connection Hexagon
Country manufacturer Israel
Diameter 6 mm
Length 6.25 mm - 13 mm
Ref ISP-S 0660, ISP-S 0860, ISP-S 1060, ISP-S 1160, ISP-S 1360
Surface S.L.A
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