The implant Touareg-OS diameter 5 mm

The implant Touareg-OS diameter 5 mm
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The implant Touareg-OS, a diameter of 5 mm, Adin (Israel)

Tapered implant with a spiral thread. The conic form of the double-threaded implant, and changing the thread to ensure a more accurate placement, and drilling and increases the aesthetic quality of the implant. The prosthetic connection of this line of products is a standard internal hex for all implants, regardless of their diameter.
The surface of the OsseoFix™ allows you to achieve a perfect contact of the implant with the bone, and also provides better mechanical fixation.
High quality implants, great customer service and skilled research and development team, this is the real secret of success is the product of the company ADIN.
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Product Code: Touareg-OS 5 mm
Brand: ADIN
Connection Hexagon
Country manufacturer Israel
Diameter 5 mm
Length 6.25 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 11.5 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm
Surface OsseoFix
Ref ISF-0650, ISF-0850 ISF-1050, ISF-1150,ISF-1350, ISF-1650
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