Symbios Collagen Membrane SR

Symbios Collagen Membrane SR
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Membrane size 30x40 mm.
The dental membrane is used to stabilize and limit the defect, preventing gum tissue from infiltrating the affected area. As an exception, Symbios PerioDerm Acellular Dermis is used to eliminate defects in facial recesses.
Symbios resorbed dental membranes help create a structure for cell ingrowth and vascularization, set the direction of bone healing, and prevent infiltration by cells and bacteria. Resorbed membranes are designed to be absorbed over time, which eliminates the need for surgical removal.
Symbios Collagen Membrane SR (slow resorption) is a bioresorbable implantable membrane made of type I collagen derived from the bovine Achilles tendon. It is intended for use in surgical dentistry. The membrane acts as a barrier, promoting wound healing after dental operations in cases with dental implants, bone defects, or ridge reconstruction. The fibrous structure of the matrix does not interfere with the integration of tissue, while preventing direct penetration of bacteria and epithelial cells.
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Product Code: 32905272
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Country of origin USA
Ref 32905272
Size of the membrane 30 x 40 mm
Kit 2 membranes
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