TriCaFor 500-1000 microns, the bone material

TriCaFor 500-1000 microns, the bone material
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TriCaFor-osteoconductive, bioresorbable, fully synthetic material based on calcium phosphate for bone tissue restoration

The use of TriCaFor provides high-quality rehabilitation of patients, the absence of complications after surgery, no need for repeated operations.

Features of TriCaFor material:

- Fully synthetic;
- Bioresorbable;
- Architectonics is similar to trabecular bone.
Particle size-500-1000 µm
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Product Code: TCF-500-1000
Brand: Osteonova
Country manufacturer Russia
Volume 0.75 cm³, 1.5 cm³, 3.0 cm³
Ref TCF-500-1000
Form release Granules
Particle size 500-1000 mkm
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