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TriCaFor natural bone material

TriCaFor natural bone material
TriCaFor osteoconductive (promote bone regeneration is the scaffold for tissue formation), substituted completely biodegradable (bioresorbable), a synthetic material based on calcium phosphate for bone regeneration.
Application TriCaFor provides first-class rehabilitation patients, no complications after the procedure and no need for repeated interventions.
The phase composition of the product corresponds to the tricalcium phosphate. The security of such material is confirmed by time - materials for bone regeneration based on calcium phosphates, are used in clinical practice for over 20 years.
TriCaFor successfully used in dentistry, traumatology, reconstructive surgery.
TriCaFor designed to fill bone cavities and defects;
TriCaFor mixed with autologous blood of the patient and gently placed into bone defects. Further TriCaFor bioresorbable and replaced by bone during the healing process of 6-12 months.
Biocompatibility TriCaFor confirmed by the absence of any cytotoxic effects in clinical trials.
Features TriCaFor

TriCaFor provides the process of bone healing through the optimal combination of porosity elements. The combination of macro - and micropores create the structure of natural bone tissue and provides the conditions for germination;
The sizes of the macropores TriCaFor - from 100 to 500 microns, which provides optimal conditions for the formation of bone tissue;
TriCaFor has micropores with a size less than 10 microns;
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