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Perflex T-сrystal 1000 g

Perflex T-сrystal 1000 g
Perflex T-сrystal 1000 g Perflex T-сrystal 1000 g
Brand: Perflex
Product Code: 11001-11009
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Price: 34 039 руб.

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* T-crystal:

Perflex materials
Color Light Pink, Standart Pink, Clear, Purple Pink, Opaque Pink
Part number 11001, 11003, 11005, 11007, 11009
Weight 1000 g
Revolutionary-a new, biocompatible, beskanalnyh thermoplastic material designed for removable partial dentures, full dentures, mini dentures.
Perflex T-crystal® material convenient for dentists and dental technicians in processing and polishing. This new material has absorbed all advantages known at the present moment thermoplastics flexible, and able to fully meet the needs of patients, what we should care in the first place. Perflex T-crystal® gives the possibility to manufacture thin and lightweight denture without metal frame, as the material is hard and firm, with a moderate degree of flexibility. These qualities Perflex T-crystal® allow you to create elegant and aesthetic removable dental prosthesis.

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