Surgical suture material

Surgical suture material
Surgical suture material - is a thread used to connect tissues to form a scar, or epithelialization. Gas sterilization method (ethylene oxide) is used, which does not affect the strength of the thread. The suture material is guaranteed to be sterile, the safety of sterility in the package is 3-5 years.
In each case of surgery, the choice of suture material is determined by the surgeon in the presence of indications depending on the type of operation and the size of the wound in accordance with surgical techniques.
Surgical threads are divided into monofilament and polyline.
Monofilament is a single-fiber surgical thread having a smooth surface and consisting of a single fiber.
Polythene-multi-fiber, or polyfilament, surgical thread, divided into a twisted thread, braided thread.
Multi-fiber yarns can be covered with a special composition, or ordinary, uncoated. Thread, not covered by anything when stretching can injure tissue because of its cutting rough surface. Surgical threads coated called combined. The field of application of coated threads is much wider, thanks to better properties than uncoated threads.
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Analogs Monocryl, Monocin, Biosin :: Code needle HRT :: Curvature needle 1/2 :: Diameter, mm 0.3 mm - 0.349 mm :: EP diameter 3 :: Form needle Tapered, oval section :: Lenght 70 cm :: Lenght needle 35 mm :: Type Mono :: USP diameter 2/0 
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Analogs Vicril Ethicon :: Code needle HR :: Curvature needle 1/2 :: Diameter, mm 0.15 mm - 0.199 mm :: EP diameter 1.5 :: Form needle Piercing, an oval cross-section :: Lenght 75 cm :: Lenght needle 17 mm :: Type Poly :: USP diameter 4/0 :: Color Purple :: Ref HR174075