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Cerabone 2 ml of regeneration material

Cerabone 2 ml of regeneration material
Cerabone 2 ml of regeneration material Cerabone 2 ml of regeneration material
Brand: Botiss biomaterials
Product Code: Cerabone 2 ml
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* The particle size of Cerabone 2 ml:

Materials Botiss
Appointment Bone regeneration
Articles 1512, 1522
Country of origin Germany
The particle size 0.5-1.0 mm, 1.0-2.0 mm
Volume 2 ml

Cerabone 2 ml of regeneration, material kostopolskyi

Kostopolskyi material of animal origin. Material Cerabone is a leading brand among osteoplastic materials based on bovine bone. This material was not only designed, but manufactured in Germany. The reliability and predictability of the material Cerabone proven results of scientific and clinical research worldwide. A transplant from bovine bones, thanks to the reliability and predictability, is the material of choice for many dentists. Cerabon ® is a highly reliable,stable in volume and safe material. It is made from the mineral matrix of bovine bone, the surface of which, as well as the physical and chemical composition, as close to human bones.

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